Dr. Lori Holcomb now offers Icon® white spot removal. Icon will minimize the appearance of white spots from fluorosis, demineralization, trauma and discoloration left after orthodontics. This breakthrough technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel, without drilling or anesthesia. The reason previous approaches, in the treatment of white spot lesions, have fallen short, is because fluoride therapy is not always effective in the advanced stages of tooth demineralization, and the use of restorative fillings almost always sacrifices healthy tooth structure. See photo

The procedure, using Icon, is as follows: the surface area of the white spot lesion is roughened with an acidic gel. This opens the pore system of the lesion. The pore system is then dried. Icon is then applied onto the lesion. The high penetration of the Icon resin enables it to penetrate into the lesion pores and brings back the normal tooth color. Excess material is then removed, and the material is light cured. The total treatment time is about 30 minutes.

The cosmetic treatment of white spots, in one patient visit, is very appealing to patients, and their parents. There is no drilling or anesthesia so there is greater patient comfort. 

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