I have had patients tell us that they came to West Olive Dental because they were specifically looking for a female dentist. This, of course, makes perfect sense to me! One of my husband’s favorite stories is when he asked me if there were any advantages to seeing a woman dentist. I asked him to put his hand up and I put my hand against his hand. I then asked, “whose hand would you rather have in your mouth?”  By the way, my hands are about half the size of his.

So the obvious answer is, small hands! If that isn’t enough, other patients have told me that I take time to listen to their questions and concerns about their oral health, care and treatment. I am extremely gentle and, that I understand people don’t wake up every day wishing they could go the dentist and I have compassion for that and can make you feel comfortable while in my care.

I demand excellent service from myself as well as my staff. And just a little icing on the cake, I have a beautiful spa-like office. It probably doesn’t hurt that I am adamant about having a clean office every day!

Come to think of it, why would anyone not want to see a female dentist?!